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The expected element in step #x is missing

I have partially recorded some steps but while executing I’m getting the message “The expected element in step #x is missing. Don’t worry, Testproject’s AI is looking for another path forward”.

The element I’m checking is existing. If I validate it with the Locator tool, it is showing too it is existing.

One thing I noticed is the recorder block “tp-recorder” is sitting outside the body (after the tag ). Maybe this is the cause.

The webpage under test is composed of nested iframes and the iframe name (id) is dynamically built.
Hence the step #7 want’s to catch the iframe id, put it in a parameter to be reused in the step #8 to locate/switch in the iframe.

the Testproject AI at the end is detecting the element. however there are further steps which are failing (down in the iframe) because the AI is not able to detect the element.

Hey @acarimati, thanks for reaching out.
May I ask you to elaborate? I’m not quite sure I deeply understand the problem.
can you please take screenshots of the scenario?
we can move to talk about it over TestProject Platform Chat.
which located on the right bottom corner.