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Text Typing is Very Slow

“Type Text” runs very slowly on iOS. The device is on iOS 15.0.2. The agent is 3.3.0. I changed the execution speed of the test but the result is the same. I also noticed “Action” drop-down has two options for “Type Text”. Since typing speed is so slow all tests fail. This happens on two machines I use. Any ideas? Android tests run fine.

Testing on iOS is at a standstill because of this issue. We have many search boxes on our app and the typing speed is too slow. We created the same test on Android with the same app and it runs fine. Android places the text in the box (like a copy and paste) and iOS types the words letter by letter which is very slow. We have tried different browsers, devices, Windows machines and a MAC. This typing issue started happening when two versions “Type Text” appeared. The app was created using Xcode 12.5.1 does that matter?