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Tests passed but BrowserStack results are "unmarked"

I created tests using smart recorder for iOS app.
The are executing with success on BrowserStack. On TestProject dashboard tests are marked as “passed” but on BrowserStack they are marked as “unmarked”.
What should I do to pass the results to BrowserStack?



It should have been updated.
Looks like there is a bug and we will look into why it doesn’t work correctly.

Thanks. In TestProject dashboard I have:

Hi @katarzynaj,

Can you please provide more information about your tests?
Did you execute them inside a job or separately?
What is the agent version that you used?


Yes, they were executed inside a job.
I have virtual agent 3.0.5 + BrowserStack integration.

Hello TestProject team, @amit.yahav

I’ve observed the same issue in BrowserStack where TestProject Report is all tests in a job are Passed and BrowserStack status is “Unmarked” meaning, status is NOT updated to Passed. This is an intermittent issue as it has worked before and after the problem was observed.

Using AWS Workspace configured with the browserstack.local option. Execute a job in TestProject. Job is finished, TestProject correctly reports Passed; however, BrowserStack status is not updated.

2 hours later, perform the exact same steps, BrowserStack status is updated as expected.

My TestProject Agent version 3.3.0.

Please do let me know if I can provide additional information that would be helpful.


Hi @staci,

Thank you for providing us with this valuable information.
Can you please elaborate on the environment that you are using?
For example, what agent are you using? Is it a virtual agent or a physical one?

Are you executing recorded tests or coded tests?
Any special configuration that you are using with BrowserStack?

One last thing I wanted to ask you, could you please provide us the agent logs? You can send it directly in our in-app chat.