Tests don't go one by one(Web test)

Good afternoon.
I need your help.
This is my first time running tests in the web version.

I’ve done a couple of tests, and when I run them together, they don’t follow each other, but only the first one and all, the others seem to fail, but if you run them one at a time, then all pass.

@alex.ivanov @ran.ferdinaro need help in solving this problem!

any idea why it fails? what is the error that is shown in the report? While running the job, are you restarting the browser everytime or continuing on the same session?

  1. At the moment there are no ideas why it doesn’t work.(I usually did mobile tests and everything worked, test suites were run without problems)
  2. example: I wrote 19 tests and combined them into one test suite and when I run it, only 1 test passes and that’s it.
  3. I run chrome in Google, I looked through the documentation, I didn’t find anything that could help me there.
  4. When I run the tests separately (not in the test suite) they work.

I can record a video if it can help

I run web suites too, around 30+ test scripts. But did not notice any such issues. Do you get an error on all the tests other than the first test in the suite or is it a failure because, for eg, an element not found exception?

I run the tests the first one passes and that’s it…

It looks like failures so that usually means the driver had trouble finding elements or doing the validations in the steps. Can you drill down on the report and try to see which step it fails and if you have enabled the screenshot option then you can probably know why it fails as well. Seems strange that it works fine individually and doesnt work as part of a job

second test begins with fact that you get to login page, but as i understand it, it does not direct to login page, it remains in account and test fails due to fact that Element is not found

and each test should start with a login

Did you try restarting the browser in the job? Also, just checking, but do you really want to repeat the login for all tests? isnt it redundant? But if that is the case then i think you should try to restart your browser everytime. Im not really aware of what your are trying to test here so i cant tell you how exactly to proceed, but the issues looks to be in the way you run the job, probably cause its in one continuous session and you would be already logged in.

Hi @byKosta,

Can you please tell me what is the reason for the failures as it describes in the reports section in TestProject?

I do this so that each test is independent of each other

Hi @amit.yahav It is described as fail and Aborted. I made the tests so that each test was individual and the beginning of each test is an account login, but only on the web it doesn’t work for me. I checked everything, I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

I made the login conditional, since it can be that you’re still logged in from the previous testcase. I compare the current URL to the login case URL, if it is the same I login, else I skip the step.

@j.vannoort how did you do it?

1 - Navigating to ApplicationURL doesn’t do anything if you are already logged in.
2 - Write the current URL to a parameter (TestParam in my case)
3 - Then add the Condition in Teststep Login (which is a testcase that is added as step), see advanced options

So the step will only be executed if the URL is the same, else it is skipped.