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TestProject using BrowserStack not closing browser after each test

So I have My Test Job running on virtual agent using BrowserStack (currently Chrome browser).

Here is my issue, when running my jobs/tests in just Test Project (my agent) they all run 100% green (it is set to close the browser after each test) woohoo yeah TestProject=perfection

However, once I switch it to Virtual agent using Browser stack all tests fail with the exception of the very first test. I know the problem, it is because BrowserStack does not clear the session/logout which keeps the previous login active messing up where the test lands.

Do you know of a switch in BrowserStack to set it to close browser like TestProject?

or would I need to adjust each test to click log out at the end of each test?

Thanks in Advance, loving the new updates by the way.


Hello @marcel.bauer.

We are aware of the issue, it should be fixed in the next version of the agent.

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Thank you, this is perfect