TestProject <> TestSigma alternative tool

Hello all !

I am following a few days of testing an alternative tool to TestProject called TestSigma.
Indeed, this tool is strangely very similar to the operation of TestProject: opensource, addons, similar design, test recorder, etc.

I found a few advantages:
-By choosing the paid plan (which is free for a 30-day trial), TestSigma offers us the launch of mobile tests (Web app, native ios or native android apk) from real devices in the cloud (== BrowserStack).
-The tool offering upload of addons, it should be relatively easy to fill some functions that we use on testProject and which are not yet present on TestSigma. Technical support offers us their help to develop addons.

On the other hand, by checking the GitHub repository, I realized that the tool is very young, v1.0 was released in February 2022. What should we think?

I invite you all to test the trial period and exchange your feedback on this discussion, I think it would be useful to all because we will have to get used to the idea: we will probably have to change tools. The poor management of TestProject has a big impact on everyone’s work and especially on a financial issue for large companies (including mine).
Let’s not let it go, and all together find a solution. let’s combine our strengths and our talents, in order to try to save our work and see the future more serenely because currently the situation is very stressful from a workstation point of view (QA manager, QA Engineer, and many others …)


Anyone here got skills in addons ? I have a question

Just contacted them on a Trial for our company. It’s a damn shame that TestProject is going down this path as it’s been my favorite to use so far… I’ve been putting it off for a while now but it seems it may be inevitable we have to migrate :frowning: I wish they would realize how important this tool has been for many.

I will report any feedback with TestSigma.


Good idea :wink: Wainting for your feedback :slight_smile:

I took a look at TestSigma, but I found the changing and maintenance of recorded testcases confusing. Is that just a matter of getting used to it? If so I will try it once more, now looking further.

Indeed, it is confusing at first.
Once used to this new tool, we manage to do 80% of what we were doing on TestProject. Everything is not perfect yet because testSigma is still very young…