TestProject Support. Now that’s a name I've not heard in a long time

Hello there,

a simple question:

is it possible to have an official communication concerning the future of TestProject?

Thanks a lot

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I wrote a message regarding the official announcement for the future of TP @testproject but so far no response.

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So, looks like the reason for the drop in support is that Tricentis fired the support team (And honestly, probably a lot of the development team too). Since the support has been dropped, then I’d hazard a guess that TestProject will be actively phased out over the course of the next year, REGARDLESS of what official statements are made.

You were the chosen one TestProject! You were supposed to destroy the paid test solutions, not join them!




Thanks a lot @jbauer for your answer and analysis :blush:

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The reason is that, as per the VP of Product management of Tricentis, TestProject is free and thus has no support available. So you will most likely not get any support, unless people from the Community can help you with your problem.

Having worked with software R&D products for almost a decade I’ll decode (with a grain of salt):
“we do not plan to add any additional features. Our main focus is ensuring the product is secure and stable”
This usually means that the resources allocated to development have been or will be moved to other projects. It also means that the project, internally, usually has already an “end of life” in mind. The only thing they can do (without resources allocated to new development) is keep it stable to maximize the time old users could potentially wait to migrate to paid solutions.

The original post can be found from: Lack of response from TestProject Support - #21 by gareth.arch


"Dear all,

I’m Asaf Saar, VP of Product Management at Tricentis.

The TestProject product is a free product offering by Tricentis, as such, there is no support provided for this product.

We are very happy with the current functionality of the product and do not plan to add any additional features. Our main focus is ensuring the product is secure and stable.

All our commercial products, such as Tosca, Testim, TTA for ServiceNow, etc. offer full support with strong roadmap ahead."

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