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TestProject SDK - How to attach screenshots to the Steps in TestProject report

I am using TestProject OpenSDK to integrate my existing automation framework. For this, one of the main features I need is the ability to attach screenshots inline with each of the steps in report.

Even if I include the below line, screenshots are not included:

How do I use the SDK to attach screenshots to each step in the TestProject report?

Hello @anithiya,

I was able to take a screenshot with the same way,
driver.report().step("taking screenshot", false, true);
It is visible in the reports like this:

It takes some time to load the screenshot at the start,
You don’t see this step at all in the reports, or you see the step without a screenshot?

Hi Artem,

I am unable to see reports on the App.testproject.io yet due to firewall restrictions which I am working to resolve. But I don’t see the screenshots locally generated report.