TestProject Results always end up in "Error" state

I have a scheduled job which runs on a daily basis and has Slack web hook integration(1st image). On Slack, it will display 2 notifications (2nd image), 1 notification mentions that it actually ran 12 tests, another is only 1 test but has the same passing percentage but when you try to check the results in TestProject it only displays 1 test and is in error state.(3rd image)

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 10.03.28 AM

Job and agent details:
No. of tests: 12
Job scheduler: recurring
Agent Version: 3.5.0
Agent browser: Chrome (headless)
Execution method: Serial

Does anyone encounter the same issue as i’ve stated?

Hi @john-rodrigo.sioson ,

Does it happen often or does it happen every execution?
I assume that some miscommunication happened from the agent end, please try to restart the agent execute the job, just to see if you are getting the same results.
And if you do, please reinstall the agent and try one more time to reproduce.
Let me know if you have managed.

Hi @alex.ivanov ,

It happens to all scheduled jobs. Thank you for the advice. I’ve already restarted and reinstalled the agent but still getting the same result. To isolate if this is an agent issue. I will try to trigger a scheduled run using a different agent and will let you know of the result.

Sure, please give us an update about the issue in our support@testproject.io
We’ll be happy to help.

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