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TestProject Report shows100% passed? but not all tests passed

Ran a recorded test that is data-driven.
Test Report shows “100% Passed” but upon reviewing the PDF report, the ‘Detailed Report’ section shows the assertion step failed for some of the tests and a screenshot of the failed screen.
48 test rows, 4 failed as expected (known bug) but the report shows 100% passed.
Why is that?

Hello @shltrmail, can you please post screenshots of the issue?

See attached screenshot
screenshot 1 summary report shows 100 % passed test iteration 3 shows passed
screenshot 2 detailed section shows it failed
Thank you very much!

Did you change the On Failure Behaviour of this step?


No I did not. I decided to separate the valid tests from the invalid so I can properly do the test assertions for the tests.


The way I created this recorded test is called a common flow which TestProject calls it a “Test” to reuse. The “Test” or common flow does not do any assertion. I call the “Test” and added a new step to do the assertion. This then when run returns 100% passed.
So I decided not to call the reusable test flow and just recorded a new test and ran it, the results no long show 100% passed but calculates the pass/failed percentages correctly.
I don’t understand the difference why that is, but doing it the second way and not calling a test into the new test works.

Don’t worry about this, I’ve now exported the tests codes and will look into generating an output results file.