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TestProject plugin for MS Teams

Does TestProject provide plugin to Microsoft TEAMS ? ( much like Slack )

Hi, while we don’t have an integration with Teams yet, you can set up a webhook.
In Teams, go to the 3 dots on the left and choose more apps

Then choose Connectors and Incoming Webhook

Press add to team and select the Team you wish to get notified with the webhook.
After that, just give it a name and generate the URL, that URL is your webhook.

Now in the TestProject platform you go to Integration->Web Hooks + Slack

Add the webhook, paste the URL and give it some name.

If you want to use this WebHook to get Job information, click on the email icon on your job
Select the WebHook either on start or on finish, and that’s it.

You can read more on how to use this WebHook here

Thank you for the rapid response.

I find your instructions very helpful, however I feel like I have a different version.

For example:

  • I access connectors via Apps icon in the left nav at the bottom

  • I don’t have nor I can find the Incoming Webhook you mentioned. I could not find a reference to it in the link you provided to docs.microsoft.com.

Please advise.

You need to be the admin to add Webhooks, if you are not please check with your Teams admin.

you got it
thank you raz

But setting up the webhook and configuring it in teams didnt trigger any notification. I had enabled in TestProject job.

I spoke to the support team and was informed that Teams integration with TestProject Via the webhook is not supported yet

you can provide an API for teams via flows and address it with TestProject. The other way round, you can also address TestProject’s APIs via Flow. That’s how I currently solved it.

Otherwise, each teams channel has its own email address, with which you can theoretically create a TestProject account and then send the reports directly to the channel.

I hope this helps you further.

Best wishes

Thanks for sharing @marc.broszonn !

I am also facing the same issue

I followed the instructions provided by ran and created a webhook, configure the same with the Testproject.io. It is not supported yet after the execution of the job I don’t get any message to the Teams channel.

Any guidelines to “API for teams via flows and address it with TestProject”