TestProject Plugin for Jenkins doesnt accept String Parameter while updating Web Application


As of today, in jenkins when i create a parameterized build, i should be able to pass the parameter to the plugin. In my case, im trying to update the URL dynamically. So im using the “UPDATE WEBAPPLICATION” feature from TESTPROJECT PLUGIN.

However, when i pass the parameter like “$PARAM” its taking it as string as it is. Meaning, its updating the WEBAPP URL as $PARAM instead of using the value from the parameter. Request to release an update to include this minor fix.

Hi @sriram.kasala,
You can execute a batch command on jenkins (Using the curl command after executing the API here TestProject API v2)

and add the parameter there using this format: *"% parameter_name %* "

Take a look on this example:

Please let me know if that solved your issue.

This the workaround that im using as of now. Works fine. But since we already have the plugin, it would be a lot easier and helpful if we accept jenkins params. :slight_smile: