Testproject - please vote for this tool so it will keep on doing great stuff

Great tool and I would pay for it as it working before the tool recent inconsistencies.

Whatever they did in the last 2 days has totally burned down my company’s automation. This is unacceptable and I will be moving on from TestProject.

Hi, thats true, its frustrating.
How are you planning to move on? I mean which tool are you/ your organization are planning to use for automation. If you have a tool how are you considering to move all the tests which you created in TP platform?

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We have already started evaluating tools like Testim, Katalon and MABL.
Testim has informed us that they will help in migrating a few critical tests from TP platform. However, their solution is too pricy.
I am looking into ways of running the tests built on TP platform independently using Selenium libraries.

Thank you for sharing your plan, completely appreciate your response.

I also evaluted Testim ( too expensive) , Katalon ( expensive and not so easy to build / maintain ) , mabl (many features are missing there that I used on TestProject).
The only tool that comes close to TestProject it Testsigma - which looks and behave the same BUT the main issue that it is not mature/ stable enough and have many bugs ( and it is not so cheap).
My main point is , that there is no tool such TestProjecr in the market with all it’s capabilities.
We need to share / comment / tag anyone in Tricentis that will rethink again before closing TestProject and keep maintaining this great tool.
We worked hard to build the automation tests / jobs and we would like to pay in order for TestProject keep the good work.


Agree with you opinion :raised_hands:

I think they cant turn this into a paid one due to initial contract ,hence they are trying to build new system using Test project’s capabilities . So making a request to turn into a paid service may not work .
I may be very wrong here but thats what I understood.

Tricentis bought Testim lately and Testproject years ago. Now they are trying to merge between them to be paid version.
The pricing as I imagine will be too expensive ( today Testim prices are too expensive without mobile capabilities).
In my opinion the intuitive / fast / stable solution from Testproject is better then Testim.
We must act as Testproject Users community to hear our voice and not close TestProject

Agreed! I have used Katalon but the UI and flow is way more clunky and less intuitive than TestProject. I would gladly pay some fee (Not as much as 15k for TestIm or 6-10k for Mabl yearly licenses). I hope this ‘Free forever’ for TestProject wasn’t too good to be true, because I’ve loved creating tests with this product and it’d be a shame to see it die :frowning:

Testim is adding mobile testing soon, of course it’s an added cost but my sales contact told me about the addition coming soon.

Ofcourse i may be wrong, but it would not be such a major task to clone the test project tool and rebrand it into something else and then create a new contract on this tool, which allows for payment. This way we can always migrate the existing tests since the capabilities are all same, rather than integrating just the SDK into Testim. Contractually i think this should clear their problem of not getting enough money. But again, this is something which comes out of my desperate mind. Ignore if this is stupid :smiley:

That would most likely be illegal my friend

Knew it was fishy :joy: but was always worth a shot cuz I cannot imagine moving to another tool

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Hi @asaf.saar - If the main focus is to ensure the product is secure and stable, will issues with iOS versions be considered to resolve? Looks like there is at least one major issue currently with TP and the new Developer Mode setting in iOS 16.

Thanks again.

Test project EOL - 31 MARCH 2023. Such a shame to close this wonderful tool.

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