Testproject - please vote for this tool so it will keep on doing great stuff

Hello All,
In the last couole of weeks Testproject tool encountered many issues (maintainance, registration etc…). It seems like the support is not reachable and it feels like it is going in the wrong direction.
I would like from the community to vote for this tool in order to keep it alive.

Please share/ like/ add comment on order to keep testproject still going with all the great features.

I also think that many of us are willing to pay for such great tool and support.


Yes It is a great tool. We are ready to pay if provide great features with support


Maybe we ( the community) can ask and show our support in testproject in order for this tool not be vanished / closed/ merged in another tool.
We have used this tool for so long and it is the best tool that offers so many features.


I would pay if TP will back in action like before. Its has been great tool so far.

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Yes It is a great tool.

I vote yes to keep the tool active and evolving. I’ve used it to train colleagues on appium and selenium coding over the years and speak its accolades at interviews. If this tool gets sunset or becomes unreliable, it will be a setback in my QA engineering career possibly causing loss of employment.

Tricentis/TestProject staff, talk to us! Tell us what you need to keep this tool active and progressing. The community is willing to support.


I have a feeling that Tricentis purchased TestProject to buy up the competition. Especially given that Testproject from what I can see is at this point superior and easier to learn than TOSCA, and for sure their biggest competitor based on pure functionality.
Granted Tricentis was presenting the tool as a fre community tool to me, so as long as the comunity helps maintaining it, it likely will stay in existence, and hopefully become like a testbed of ideas for their Tosca product.

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Testim is like TestProject on steroids’, it is another Tricentis product . The “issue” is that it’s a paid for program and kinda pricey. So if your org doesn’t want to pay the price TestProject is great but you will not have support or new features. This could change in the future but multiple people from Their side has said as much.

The last update they’ve posted is that TP will not have any additional development or support. They are working on stability and uptime and that’s it.

You can see that in this thread here.

It seems that the capabilities of testproject will be added to Testim and testproject will be fade away. Testprojectt was a revolutionary tool in making all the features free , stable and simple to use . We as a community used this tool and relied on it .we spent many hours building it and we want this tool to keep on with it’s great job.
The automation community and testproject specifically need to raise our voice and ask for this tool to keep on working.

I believe that many if us are willing to pay for a good support and other features.


well if they fired the development team, those people can turn around and start a similar product right away, as after ‘firing’ they should not be bound by any Non compete clauses. so there is that.
On the other hand for once, I kind of like the idea of a non evolving product, as it does solve the problem of me having to validated the ‘testing validation automation tool’ with every new version that comes out. And as I see it the product does exactly what I need it to do, so the fact it no longer has updates is in my view a good thing for the next couple years. Past that … the capacity of the tool to recognize and automate is in the quality of the Xpaths that the recording tool does find, and frankly, all that is reusable if we needed it to be on other tools. Sure this is just my view for a very specific situation…

there are a few problem here if they dont do upgrades for the tool, the biggest of them being, with the release of new iOS and Android versions, there might be difficulty in supporting automation for these platforms. Its even more difficult when it comes to web because there are 4 different browsers(prominent ones at least) and their version will get updated more than once a year. :confused:
But if the tool becomes stable, i would still continue with this tool rather than migrate everything to a new tool, AGAIN!

My vote for Testproject. It’s perfect to do E2E!


Even if you are willing to pay, all the time invested in TestProject is wasted, since they are not able to import created testcases :sob:

I would rather pay for TestProject and keep what I created, than pay for something (allegedly) better and have to start learning and building the automation all over again.


The learning a new tool was a concern for me as well but it’s pretty easy to over come and I am building test pretty quickly with less debugging. Sure we would rather pay for TestProject as well but that isn’t gonna happen. It’s not in road map for a paid version or for expanded features right now and maybe forever.

I think that we as a TestProject community need to raise our voice in order for testproject will continue it’s great job and feature. We spent a lot of time building an automation test using this great tool.
Maybe it will be heard in Tricentis because we as a community have the power
and Testproject will continue maintaining this awesome tool.


We are also ready to start paying for this tool, we have spent far too long creating our automations to have to restart on some other software. PLEASE TRICENTIS HEAR THE COMMUNITY. We need this software.

This is the best message that I expect!!!
I don’t expect new features, I just want stability.

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I prefer pay for testproject and keep my test that migrate Testim.io

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Hi all,

The TestProject product is a free product offering by Tricentis, as such, there is no support provided for this product, and there are no plans to create a paid version of TestProject or offer support. As this is a free product offering, Tricentis isn’t able to negotiate custom contracts on its use.

We are very happy with the current functionality of the product and do not plan to add any additional features. Our main focus is ensuring the product is secure and stable. We are monitoring the product stability and working into improving it.

All our commercial products, such as Tosca, Testim, TTA for ServiceNow, etc. offer full support with strong roadmap ahead.
Please reach out if you are considering a switch to Testim or Tosca, happy to support you throughout the process.

Happy testing!
Asaf Saar
VP of Product Management, Tricentis