TestProject not runing Python sdk

I exported the code an use it on IntellIJ
After running I have an issue:


self = <src.testproject.sdk.internal.helpers.redact_helper.RedactHelper object at 0x000001203FDC51B0>
command = ‘get’
params = {‘url’: ‘https://myapp.com’}

def redact_command(self, command: str, params: dict):
    """Redacts sensitive contents (passwords) so they do not appear in the reports

        command (str): A string specifying the command to execute
        params (dict): A dictionary of named parameters to send with the command as its JSON payload

        dict: A redacted version of the dictionary, where password values are replaced by '****'
  if command == Command.SEND_KEYS_TO_ELEMENT or command == Command.SEND_KEYS_TO_ACTIVE_ELEMENT:

E AttributeError: type object ‘Command’ has no attribute ‘SEND_KEYS_TO_ACTIVE_ELEMENT’

What I can do?