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While running testcases on SDK and generating reports locally with the help of
driver = webdriver.Chrome(report_type=ReportType.LOCAL)

I am getting this error NameError: name ‘ReportType’ is not defined

Hello @ssgupta0912
Please make sure you are using the latest version of the SDK.

I am using testproject-python-sdk 1.1.0

Make sure the interpreter you are using is set to that version of the SDK, and you are importing

from src.testproject.enums.report_type import ReportType

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Hey. Thanks. Issue Resolved !!

Hi @ran.tzur ,

I have used the flow which you have mentioned here as I want to get the report locally but I couldn’t get the reports locally, In case if that get stored in locally where it will be stored ?
Could you please help me on that?

Hi @ran.tzur,

Is there any update on mine?