TestProject is not recognizing a "x-user-type" header for API testing

I’m trying to run a test for API that uses a session cookie and also a header call “x-user-type” but it is not recognizing the header, I found the way to send the cookie information before the api request but I have still seen the message Unauthorized same than when user not sent the header in Postman, do you know if TestProject not support all headers for API requests?


Hello @jonathan.blanco.3p and welcome to our community!
How did you enter the headers?
I attached an example showing how to insert headers the right way.

Please let me know if you still encounter your issue or if you were able to solve it.

I set in the rigt way and I have also checked other tests from my end that have other headers and worked good, so I don’t know if the issue is that Test project is not accepting this header value

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