TestProject is no longer a viable solution

It seems to me that since the acquisition of Testim.io by TestProject’s parent company - Tricentis they have enacted moves to slowly degrade and ultimately shut down TestProject entirely (or move to a paid model)
Facts -
They no longer provide any type of support; chat, email, forum or otherwise.
They will not respond to any communication.
“Maintenance” is all too frequent, and at times breaks\deletes progress made (created tests) - there are no communications nor acknowledgments from the company in this regard.

If anyone has any thoughts or can prove\disprove this we should discuss this and options to migrate away from this sunsetting service.


i think that you are correct. seems like TestProject will soon be replaced by Testim.io.
Testproject is will soon be in EOL phase.

Testim has told me via a call that Testproject is dead end software at this point. I’ve tried Testim and it’s a better product. Things I’ve had issue with in TP are easily handled in Testim, my only issue is that it’s 15k a year for only 2k test runs it seems a little thin but I could change the frequency of test runs against my project.

Although Testim might be better for some users and that’s great. But TestProject isn’t dead end as it’s extremely powerful and solves many problems for many customers around the world for free.


And I love that it’s for free, I understand that with it being free there are limitations but the I love test project but I’m very frustrated in the decline of support and stability it’s also disheartening to know that no new features will exist (new feature development is difficult without an income source)

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@eldar Its a great tool but from last few weeks some problems occurs and the support team and not responding on that issues .

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Thanks for sharing this information! I have used Testim extensively and in some ways it is comparable to TestProject + it does have some additional useful features. Ultimately it is too costly, unless you have zero Automation engineers or no QA at all. The fact that Testim does not support mobile in any way is a big limitation.

I would be happy to pay fees if Testproject will back with stability and support.


You will most likely not get any support, unless people from the Community can help you with your problem.

Having worked with software R&D products for almost a decade I’ll decode (with a grain of salt):
“we do not plan to add any additional features. Our main focus is ensuring the product is secure and stable”
This usually means that the resources allocated to development have been or will be moved to other projects. It also means that the project, internally, usually has already an “end of life” in mind. The only thing they can do (without resources allocated to new development) is keep it stable to maximize the time old users could potentially wait to migrate to paid solutions.

The original post can be found from: Lack of response from TestProject Support - #21 by gareth.arch


"Dear all,

I’m Asaf Saar, VP of Product Management at Tricentis.

The TestProject product is a free product offering by Tricentis, as such, there is no support provided for this product.

We are very happy with the current functionality of the product and do not plan to add any additional features. Our main focus is ensuring the product is secure and stable.

All our commercial products, such as Tosca, Testim, TTA for ServiceNow, etc. offer full support with strong roadmap ahead."


I get your point, but now that support has ended we cannot use the software anymore, because the bugs aren’t fixed. So yes it could be powerful, but it doesn’t work so it’s not. It was great, but now it’s as good as obsolete.


So, Will the TestProject tool we are currently using (with multiple issues in recent weeks) will remain unusable for all older stuff??
There is no support for the free TestProject product.
Things that were working previously will not work?
All that was there was fake??

Same for us. Can’t rely anymore on TestProject … It was so good tool … Looking for other solution now

We are planning to migrate to another automation tool. Maybe anyone can recommend the best approach since we do not want to do a whole rewrite for our existing TestProject scripts.

You can export all your tests into code - at least this way you wont lose everything. In terms of other tools, you wont really find anything on the same level as TestProject that it is free. In terms of comparable feature set Testim.io is great, but TestProject parent company Tricentis acquired them and it’s rather expensive. They also offer other similar solutions.
You can also look at SmartBear solutions such as TestComplete also paid.

I am disappointed why it is shutting down, can you make it a cost effective. I think there can be funding for this. I would request you to not shut down the product.


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