Testproject is down

I am unable to access testproject . I am getting 502 Bad gateway error . Can anyone also face this issue ?


Yes, it is under maintenance again :neutral_face:

@alex.ivanov @eldar @ran.ferdinaro please can you tell how much time it takes to up the service


@eldar please let us know when Application will up. we are stuck & waiting from long time. Please try to resolve this ASAP.

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@eldar Now TestProjectt is up , but again we are facing issue related to agent , Local agent is not getting connected & it’s showing Virtual Agent version 1.0.


@alex.ivanov @eldar @ran.ferdinaro .I am facing same problem. I re registered agent but problem is not fixed. Agent is not running on local machine.

Same here, the agent is not working. Kindly look into it asap.

Very slow and the agents are unregistered and cannot start recording or run any tests