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TestProject for an organization

Hello, I am a Test Engineer and want to use this platform within my organization. But in Terms of Service, there is a statement “One person or a legal entity don’t have more than one free account”. Let’s say if I create my account using the company’s email address as xyz@abc.com where abc will be the domain.
So is this account considered as the company’s free account? If yes then how can I create accounts of team members say 4 to 5? Also in Terms of Service, there is “Payment, Refunds, Upgrading and Downgrading Terms” section. So when and where this section will come into action? Please consider my concern and guide me through this.

Hello @mahajansankalp16
Thanks for your question, lets clarify this.

Inviting multiple users to the same account

The first user who is going to create and account become account administrator , so if you want to create an account with xyz@abc.com, you should sign-up and do it.

Then from the xyz@abc.com account, you can invite your colleagues to collaborate with you.

You can invite as many team members as need 5 or 500, you are not limited in that.

Use the invite team member option for that to invite multiple users, for instance ddd@abc.ocm , dfg@abc.com , ccc@abc.com

This how you will be part of same account in TestProject and will be able to collaborate. You can always segregate the access level of your colleagues to multiple projects.

Now if in your organization there is a business justification to create multiple accounts with multiple users for the same organization , you can go head and do it as long as it done for a business reasons and not an attempt to abuse.

As for the payment section,for the last 2 years and until today there are no paid features in TestProject and we don’t have plans to add such features in the community offering.