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TestProject: Create Tests and run on iOS device simulators, in Windows Machine

For our client’s Desktop site(not mobile app), I would like to create/run mobile automation tests for iOS devices(emulators) without performing the same in macPC or any iOS(all iPhones)devices. Machine on which I am gonna create or run these tests is going to be Windows OS, not macPC. Is this Possible?(Do we really need iOS devices or macPC to run the tests even on iOS emulators?)

What I have done till now for this Setup- I work for a client whose developers have Apple Account. So I got the Team ID and created certificate(from Apple) and synced with TestProject. Likewise, I created profile(from Apple) and added all devices which were present already(existing devices listed out- Seems developers had already connected many devices), so I never connected any physical iOS devices via USB and successfully created the profile in Apple and synced it with my TestProject Account. Then, in my Windows machine, I tried creating tests in TP, Tests > Mobile > iOS > Select Application > add a new application for testing > Provided Desktop site/UI’s URL as ‘Name’ and I see Three Options: ‘From Device’- I see blank as no device connected, ‘Upload IPA’- not sure about this and ‘Add Manually’- not sure about this. This is where I am blocked and couldn’t proceed further. At this point I can see TestProject and Test Agent is connected and running successfully.

To summarize, I want to create mobile automation tests to run on iOS devices(emulators) for our Client’s desktop site in Windows machine, without physical iOS device or mac machine. Please help me proceed.

Hello @KamalTP
You can use the iOS simulator only on macOS (Xcode)
On Windows, you can use a real device (You will need an Apple developers account and real iOS device) or you can use a Cloud device (Just for run tests, can’t record on cloud devices)

Sauce Labs and BrowserStack Integration:

Hope the information helped you

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