Testproject Crashing / No Recorder UI on Mac & Windows

Dear Community,

I am facing quite a problem and I cant seem to be able to fix it.
Everything was working like a charm and suddenly, any browser I run a test with crashes eventually. When it manages to load and execute a test it instantly crashes after - no UI.
The Recording UI with the steps never pop up except when I create a new test from scratch, then I can record everything but once I exit and reenter the Test, the Recording UI vanishes and I can’t edit my Test anymore (ctr-s - I believe, doesn’t work anymore, usually I could stop the test by ctrl-s but that does nothing).
I deleted all caches incl hard reset, tried all browsers, restarted everything but unfortunately nothing seems to work. I also tried Testproject on a fresh windows 10 install and it’s facing the exact same issue.

Any Idea what the issue could be? Could this be a known issue?
I searched the web & the forum and couldn’t find any decent clues.
Below you will find a screen recording.

Thank you very much!

Hi @MarcusH,
As discussed, you will need to use the recorder (development mode) to be able to change test steps.
Record and create new flows.

To execute the test you can use the ‘Run’ button which is located on the right side on the test.

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Thank you Amit!!

You have been a great help.
I am still struggling with one step tho.
I am in need of the following:

Wait for text to contain number greater than 0 (Done that already and it works),
Now I need to loop this action until the text contains a number higher than 0 & then continue with the final steps.
I cant use “Repeat” because I dont know how often it will need to repeat until text is greater than 0.
How would I be able to do that?
How can I keep listening for a text to be higher than 0 and then finalize the test with the final steps?

Thanks a lot!!

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