TestProject app showing frequent maintenance / Agent not working issues

What is the medium to get attention from the TestProject team to get resolution on frequently faced issues?
In recent weeks/months there are a lot of issues in the general usage of tool that was giving solution to automation requirements.

  • App getting into maintenance too frequently without any intimation/ information.
  • Agent execution does not get started
  • No response resolution from the Test Project Support
  • Chatbot is not of much use as it is just a one-way communication

@Amit.Lacher @amit.lacher_1 @eldar @marian.lazar @testproject
Can anyone please help/guide me in getting a response/resolution?

Hi Nitin, I think Tricentis is slowly killing TP, unfortunately… Don’t expect an answer or solution. we are looking for a new tool to replace TP, since it is not stable anymore. It is difficult to find one with the same kind of functionality and usability, I think Tricentis killed the golden goose here, since I am very disappointed in their appoach in this situation. Good luck with finding something else, if we’ve made our choice I’ll share it here.

Hi @j.vannoort,
Yup, it’s very disappointing to see no answer/solution.
Thanks and please do share, if you find any tool to replace TP

@asaf.saar, can you please respond and guide on product usability?

Hi, For now it looks like we will go for AccelQ. It is not free, but it will cover all of our needs and it isn’t as insanely priced as Testim.

How is your experience about AccelQ? it’s similar Testproject?

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