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TestProject and GitHub Actions Integration

Hello everyone, I want to integrate my project with GitHub Actions. Looking around, I found how to connect my project to GitHub, but I’m a bit lost when it comes to using GitHub Actions to run my tests. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Hi @mihalis .

Using TestProject’s built-in integration with GitHub enables you to:

  • Split your test automation into different environments
  • Synchronize entire projects with GitHub: the tests will be saved in YAML format and contain all the information to run autonomously
  • Seamlessly keep and access test history
  • Manage different versions and save all of your team’s progress
  • Run any previous test versions using TestProject CLI/Offline
  • Import various test versions back into TestProject
  • See what has changed in your tests directly on GitHub
  • Integrate your CI flow directly into GitHub repos

We don’t have a direct integration with GitHub actions CI but you can use our API to execute and retrieve data from you account.

You can create API Key from here:


To Getting Started with TestProject API:


Don’t forget to Authorization before you use it.

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What I’m looking for basically, after integrating my project with GitHub, is to create a yaml file for GitHub Actions so I can integrate and run my tests in a pipeline. This is the part where I’m lost.

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