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TestProject AI strange messages


I have the following problem in TestProject.

When I am running my created TestProject test for our system, it is working fine, all element locators are able to find the required elements correctly.

I also checked it while was debugging by test, for example, like here:


I checked it here while debugging for all my actions and all is OK.
But when I am running my test with “Run until here” option (after opening my test for editing and clicking “Record”), for all my actions in my test on the browser’s screen I see the following message: “The expected element in step #6 is missing. Don’t worry, TestProject’s AI is looking for another path forward…”

How can I get rid of such messages ?
It is taking additional time while AI is searching for the element and trying to find other locators.

Will it help if I will delete all other element locators from here and will leave only the first locator that is checked by me and is working fine ?

My test script will work faster in this case and AI will not attempt to find element on the screen using another locator ?
Why also sometimes AI cannot find element using first specified locator (but it is CHECKED AND WORKING fine) and is changing locators in places and suggest another locator that is also working, but I do not wont to replace them ?

Hi @Igors_danosaites,

Removing all of the locators expect for one will indeed disable the self-healing functionality of the AI, the execution will be faster this way, but it might hurt the stability of the test.
For example if this locator breaks, this step will not have other locators to fall back on, and thus failing this step.

Another solution that you can apply to improve the execution speed is to change the execution speed option of a specific step or the execution speed of the whole test.

To change the execution speed of a specific step, go to the advanced options of that step:

To change the execution speed of the entire test, go to the options of the test:

Hi! Thank you for your answer!
Yes, I decreased execution speed of my test already, but it does not solve the problem with TestProject AI behaviour, message: “The expected element in step #6 is missing. Don’t worry, TestProject’s AI is looking for another path forward…” still appears when running test using “Run until here” option while debugging the script.
But actually my first locators are used when executing the test and auto-healing technology is not replacing any locator.