TestProject Agent won't autoregister on Mac OS X

Hello, I am having grief with the agent. I had it registered and working as a deamon on my Mac OS X machine. I also use Docker and my ultimate task is to enable test runs using Docker for all components.

I registered TPA in my Docker engine just fine but then when I try to run TPA on my host OS, I now get

Agent is not Authorized, click here to register. If I do so, and click ‘Register Agent’ I cannot. Perhaps I am not entering the correct IP and name?

I have completely uninstalled and deleted the entire TPA folder under ~/library/application support/… Reinstalled and still no luck.

I have also had problems starting a previously run TPA container with the same alias specified as when the container was first started… But then it says ‘alias already in use’ or some such.

Why is this so hard? Seems like registration should an apikey and name… done. I can understand if an agent tries to sign up with a name already in use by a running agent, but that’s it. Otherwise and agent should be able to report in and done.

I was able to get this resolved. I ran the agent on my Mac and it gave me the registration message. But I left it running. Then, from a terminal, I ran:

testproject-agent register -a [agent-alias] -t [token]