TestProject Agent logs retention

Hi, is there any retention for logs created by TestProject agent stored in \AppData\Roaming\TestProject\Agent\logs? Or is there any way to turn off logging?

We are running hundreds of test executions every single day on win server and these log files takes tens of GBs on server. Currently, we have to delete these logs manually.

Thank you.

Hi @velecky,

There’s no way to turn the agent logs off, and we strongly recommend you to not do that. Once you’ll face an error, the agent logs are the first thing we look into.

You can create a bash script that deletes the old log files (for example, 2 days ago).


thanks for answer. Yes, the bash script is the solution we have also been thinking about.
Anyway, could explain some details regarding logs retention? I assume the agent regularly deletes some old log files itseft, is it correct? If so, how old must be the log file to be deleted by agent?

Hi @velecky,

The agent should keep logs for one week only. Anything older than that should be deleted by the agent.