TestProject agent is registered but says it is not


this is happening all the time. I have deleted and re-added agents and registered them only to see the unauthorized error that my agent is not registered again days later. what is wrong?

agents says they are ready - but they will not execute my jobs


Today, the agent is not even starting. This is getting old!!!

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This is same issue. What is going on? Is it a version issue?

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It’s working now. Try again, restart agent or register new agent. Just try

I’m on 3.4 as there was an issue for me with 3.5

hello, I have restarted several times and even did a hard reboot. I also created and registered a new agent. that worked for a bit and now I have the not authorized/not registered error again today.

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I’m having the same issue, but my agent is on a linux server. It seems I have to re-register the agent about once a week lately.

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I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried reinstalling and registering the agent several times. It works for a few hours and then it goes back to saying the agent is not registered. This is frustrating. Any word from anyone from TestProject about this?

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Must be a version issue, also having the same issue with the agent needing to be re-authorized daily. Currently ruining scheduled runs.

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yes facing same issue

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i have re installed multiple times but it’s not working please help

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Agent is not working now. Need to waiting monday. I hope they fixed it

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Same thing happening and I have a presentation coming for a PoC using TestProject. Hope that it’ll be up tomorrow

Is this frequent across their products range? I have another coming PoC for NeoLoad and I don’t want to waste my weekend like this

Hmmm i tried and agent is working now. Try to check it

I have to create a NEW agent and register it Every day. When will this agent issue be fixed?


I am also experiencing the same issue and it is quite frustrating. We have scheduled jobs running but they are failing to run due to the agent. There are also no error messages to indicate why a test hasn’t run. It just tries to run then it disappears. We know that it’s the agent now (even though it reads that the agent is ‘Ready’) but it would be a better user experience if there was some kind of message to indicate what the problem is. Is anyone at TestProject able to explain why the agent keeps unregistering and is there a fix being worked on?

same problem here. plz fix it!

Hello I am experiencing the same issue, can someone from the testproject team please provide some guidance about the same ?

I have to create a new agent EVERY DAY! Then I need to edit every job and assign the new agent to them. CAN WE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS?


I am also struggling with the same issue - I need to be able to rely on task being ran everyday on multiple sites. Does anyone know a fix for this yet? Thanks