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TestProject Agent got disconnected!

Hi all, My Agent got disconnected and showing that there is a new version available to download. My questions is:
How often we need to download a new version in order to keep Agent connected?
Why it is always disconnected when a new version is available? It should not be disconnected and let us continue to work with the old version unless you choose to do so. It will be very difficult for the ones who don’t have admin rights for the computer. Please help me to understand this process.


Hi, I think that these are two unrelated issues.

Regarding upgrading the agent, in most cases we’re not releasing breaking changes that means that you can wait with updating the agent until you feel its necessary (has new capabilities/bug fixes)

if the Agent been disconnected frequently, there few possible root causes for that

  1. Make sure that your agent is actually running, if its not running it will be shown as disconnected. simply launch it again trough the TestProject Agent icon.
  2. During the agent setup process please make sure to select the “launch agent on Windows start-up” checkbox by doing that you will make sure that it will auto launch after Windows reboot
  3. Poor internet/WIFI connection can sometime cause to that as well.

Thanks, Mark! I will check again. It happened two times in a row and both the time it was showing Agent Status as Disconnected and New version available button. I thought this is related to the new version availability but thanks again for explaining it to me.