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TestProject Agent does not restart on Mac [SOLVED]

Hello, The TestProject agent does not restart unless I restart the system. This happens with the following scenario:

  • I have a Mac Pro
  • TestProject Agent is up and running / idle
  • Mac goes to sleep mode
  • Agent stops running
  • Agent does not restart once the system wakes up. In Utility I do not see any TestProject Agent process and if I try to start it it does not restart. Only way to start the agent is restart the mac and run it again

Any solution to this will be helpful.


Can you please send us the Agent logs?
Please send it to support@testproject.io
Please add a link to your post.

Hi, Thanks for the response. Can you please let me know how and where will I collect the Testproject agent logs?
Thx, Sisir

This does sounds a lot like a specific issue,

You can download the logs here: