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Testproject 3.4.1 ,Mirroring failed in Android devices

In the latest 3.4.1 version Android device mirroring is getting failed.
But it is still working till 3.3.1 version, so continuing my test in that build.Is there is any workaround for this plz let know.

hi @b.thangamani ,
Can you share the log files when using agent 3.4.1, to our support at support@testproject.io so we can look into this. You can retrieve the agent logs here: TestProject Agent Logs | TestProject Help Center

HI @Amit.Lacher , Please find the attachment issue still exist in TP3.4.2
My Mobile details:
Oneplus 8 pro
Android :

Hi @b.thangamani,
Thanks for sharing the information, I have opened a ticket regarding this, number TP-16973,
I will contact you for more information if needed, otherwise I will update you here once it’s resolved.

Hi @Amit.Lacher
Any update on my ticket.

Hi @b.thangamani,
We are still investigating we will contact you shortly

Thanks for the update.