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Testing Trends Webinar - Q&A

Thank you for participating in our testing trends webinar - Go ahead and share all the additional questions you had that we did not have the time to answer. Your questions and feedback is important - Keep them coming! :hugs:


Looking forward to the questions here.
Would be great if there is a way to play the questions from Q&A section (from webinar window) to here.

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Thank you very much Pooja!! :star_struck:
We will try adding them here in a couple of hours.
Looking forward to that! Have a wonderful day!!

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I had fun on the webinar and ready for some more Selenium questions

We had a lot of fun too, thank you so much @Rex.Jones!! :blush:
Will upload some of the questions from the webinar now.

Some of the main questions from the Webinar :grinning::

1.Wondering when is the planned a stable release of Selenium 4

  1. Is there a specific provision for handling multiple selectors in Selenium 4?

  2. My client wants to test UI without opening it…like accessing the html elements via Selenium and test the functionality…can we do that in Selenium 4?

  3. Does Selenium 4 have anything that could help stabilize tests for example when a program is being converted from Angular to Angular JS?

  4. What new feature added in Selenium 4 in order to make the screenshots more optimized?

  5. What is the difference between using webdriver manager and creating driver traditionally?

  6. Will Selenium 4.0 have the support for identifying elements under shadow root?

  7. For Mobile Testing would you still prefer C# or Python?

  8. What is the best IDE for writing code for testing in C#, Visual Studio or VS Code?

  9. What about API end-to-end tests? Connecting all APIs together?

  10. I am using Rest Assured for API automation but cannot find a way of computing code coverage. Is there a way for it?

  11. On what basis would you decide when to run UI and when to do API and which ones?

  12. In most of the API development the developers have logics to create tokens and pass as a header. So whenever testers need to test APIs, they need to write the logic again? How to avoid this? how tester can communicate this to dev?

  13. Is there any point in using API inserts in UI tests?

  14. Why we should move/focus more from UI/End-end to unit test?

  15. How versatile do you think the low code apps are right now?

  16. What do you think about SOLID principle?

  17. I’ve seen online that starting with selenium with java or c# for a total beginner is kinda challenging since those 2 languages are “heavy”. And rather Python or JS are good 4 a total newbie. So IYO, which would u say is easier? I’m leaning toward python.

  18. Is there any tool which gives some type of issue about clean code? Like any static analysis tool?

  19. How much of AI is gonna replace automation testing?

  20. How is Selenium 4 going to impact on the Json-wire-protocol?

  21. What is the connection between tester and devops?

  22. Are API tests better/ easier than maintaining UI E2E tests?

  23. What is the stand / popularity / importance of manual testing since automation is popular?

If you missed it live, you can listen to the webinar recording or access the webinar slides here: https://blog.testproject.io/2020/02/17/must-know-test-automation-trends-by-leading-experts/