Testing restricted URL from outside the company network remotely

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I need to use testProject.io to test a website “etriageuat.co.nz” from my home remotely … But here’s the issue I’m having?

  • The website URL “etriageuat.co.nz” CAN ONLY be accessed within my company via the company network connection (wifi). If I connected my machine to any other network outside my company, the URL will not work and will show an error webpage!
  • Is there any way that I can do the testing using “Remote Agent” or VPN or Teamviewer or any available addon in TestProject.io to solve my issue of testing this URL from home ?

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In my company, I just needed to ask them to whitelist my IP to continue testing. How does your company expect you to test it if you’re at home? (even without TestProject)

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The IP should be www available, not an internal LAN IP. If the IP is with 172… or 10… they will need to provide you a way to join their network, before being able to connect to the machine.

You could try to connect to the company network through VPN , if they have this service on. Cisco or openVPN could do the trick.

Other way is: to ask your company to keep a PC online in office, for you, and use a remote connection to it: teamviewer or other ( depends on firm policy, teamviewer is free for home usage ) And you’ll remote connect to that equipment and do all remotely.
Other way: Install testproject-agent on a work-office PC, and run all the testproject tests into that agent.

From what i see, that domain is a UAT version, so it’s most for sure blocked for random IP connections. If you don’t have a persistent IP , it will be a trick to keep updating firewalls IP allowance ( as Philip Wong says )
The normal aproach, is to ask your company to provide you a VPN way to join their network from home.

This is not a TestProject question, than a remote access to lan servers problem.

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You are right. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for your time and help. I am happy with all your soultions.
I learned a lot from your reply.