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Testing multi-language sites

Today I started testing the tool provided by TestProject and I see a lot of potential for testing.

However, I have a question that some of you have already answered: How do you launch a job on a website with several languages?

I give an example: Imagine that you have to test “www.apple.com/es” and “www.apple.com/de”. The tests to be executed would be exactly the same. How do you do it?

For you case, I’d consider using data driven testing.
You can set the URLs through a CSV file to include all your sites in the various languages and then place the test in a job and attach the file to it.


The test will be executed once for every row in the CSV file, e.g. for each site in a different language.
The CSV file should end up looking like this:


You can find more about data driven testing in our docs:


I’ll check it out. Thanks!