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Testing in-app Purchases

Hello all! I hope that you’re having a great day (whenever you’re reading this).

I will go straight to the point with this one:

Is it possible to test In-app purchases via TestProject?

The issue that i keep bumping in is that you can not set your own input/desired capabilities and therefore you can’t set things like: consoleLogs, networkLogs (for Browserstack selenium) but more importantly - as far as i am concerned there is not a single way to provide the script with a testing Google / Apple account for testing the in-app purchases for the appium tests. This is a huge drawback for me as usually i need to test a lot of those in iOS/Android apps.

Does anyone know any legit, or “hacky” way to log in with a Google / Apple account and test the in-app purchases?

I know that i can run tests locally on the emulator or a phone plugged in to my computer - and just login manually before running the tests.

The problem with this solution is that then i am only limited to that one or two local devices… and i would like to run those tests on BrowserStack, Sauce labs or any other device farm / service on 10-20-30 devices simultaneously.

Thanks in advance for the answer, help.