Testing for both iOS and Android version of the same app at once

Hi! I’m currently testing on an application for both iOS and Android platforms. I did not know whether if I can test on one platform and use the code on another or not, since the code labels the elements a bit differently (i.e. ANDROID_WIDGET… for Android version and XCUI … for iOS version) If there is any way to do it, how could I do so I do not need to repeat the same tests on different platforms. Thank you in advance!

Hi @SupawisT ,

If you are trying to convert a code that has been built for Android to iOS from the platform itself, it is not possible.
The only way to achieve this is to create separate classes for android elements and iOS elements in your coded test and change the desired test each time you test on a specific device.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks! And where can I access the coded test section?

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