Testing Flutter Web CanvasKit app in Desktop Browser (Chrome) is not possible, right?


It’s a Flutter Web App in a Chrome Desktop browser. It can be configured to be rendered in HTML or CanvasKit (Think Skia) but it has to be CanvasKit. All TestProject sees is a flt-glass-pane element. Just a pane that is painted to as part of this CanvasKit.

I had hoped if I launched the Web App in Debug into the Chrome Browser from Android Studio and called “enableFlutterDriverExtension();” within the Web App code, then magically I would see something different in recording from TestProject. There are “Keys” on the fields within the code. Dreaming of being able to reference them.

I have a sinking feeling that this scenario is doomed for test automation outside of Flutter Integration test dart code.

Anyone with any thoughts on this? They would be most welcome.


I just now found an Appium Flutter Driver Issue link that covers this. [Flutter Web] - Question about support flutter web application · Issue #263 · appium-userland/appium-flutter-driver · GitHub

There some hope with code changes but out of the box, clearest statement is “So far, appium is not for desktop browsers.”