Testim is a great alternative to TestProject

My company, Vistex, switched to Testim at the end of 2022. Our UI is very complex and screen field IDs are dynamic, so it’s hard to find an automation tool that will work with our code. After evaluating and doing POCs with other tools, Testim met our needs the best. The visual editor is outstanding, and the AI used to farm locator data is fantastic. It’s too early to tell, but we count on significantly minimizing our script maintenance.
I admit I was skeptical of using a Tricentis product based on the handling of TestProject. I was upset like a lot of others, but I’m glad we did the Testim trial because it gave me a feeling that Tricentis folks had been super busy integrating features from TestProject into Testim. I have no idea if that is true, but I remember evaluating Testim over a year ago, and it was nowhere near as sophisticated as it is now.
Yes, I’m obviously a fan now. Give their Testim trial a try; you may find it as great as we do.
— Ellen

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