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Test within a test results in Operation failed message

I have several tests where the first step is a separate test to login as a user.
When I open a test and press record, then run the first step (the other test), it runs the step to completion (successfully) and then throws an error that the operation failed, please try again.
It’s otherwise fine and I can continue. This doesnt happen when I run the test in a job or individually using my browser or an integrated cloud tool.

Just throwing this out there. This is using the latest and greatest version of the agent.

Hello @erick.caceres
Can you please send your agent logs to support@testproject.io

Best Regards, Ran.

Ok, sent the logs zip file.

Great thank you.
I will keep you updated.

Hello @erick.caceres
The bug has been identified and fixed, it will be patched in the new agent release.
I will let you know once that version is released.

Best Regards, Ran.

Hello @erick.caceres
The issue has been fixed, please update your agent to 0.63.3
Let us know if the issue persists,

Best Regards, Ran.

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Looks good so far. Much appreciated.