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Test various shopping cart combinations

New to automated testing, new to testproject.io - I may not know how to ask this correctly or be asking it wrong.

Situation: I have a shopping cart I need to test orders through, I have created a script that places a specific combination just fine. However, the shopping cart has a lot of logic behind different combinations of items and I need to test at least 150 order variations of cart contents.

Is there some way to write the testing script to go through the order variants? Or does each variant need to be expressly written and run one by one.

if the flow for all of the orders is the same and the element locators you used are not order specific you can create a data driven test, then you can create 150 variations of orders via CSV file and run your test one by one atutomatcily, here is a 5 minutes video shows how to achieve it TestProject Tutorial 5 | How to do Data Driven Testing - YouTube

Thanks, that sounds exactly like what I’m looking for, I’ll give that a watch. Much appreciated.