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Test Step folders and extended logical conditions

I’m really loving working with TP and recently have created some quite extensive scripts that use a large number of embedded tests. I know these can be triggered by one or more logical conditions but it appears that I am limited to the AND condition where more than one condition is present. I would love to see the ability to choose between OR / AND for this.

Also, it would be awesome to have folders to group test steps into. So when working in long workflows (especially in recording mode) we can either hide or access groups of test steps. And the icing on the cake for these would be a suite of logical conditions that determine folder execution. Such as IF, ELSE, DO WHILE.
In the mean time I continue to use embedded test scripts to do these tasks and this works quite well on the most part

In the mean time keep up the great work. I think TP is a powerful application and it’s great to see such a motivated and talented team backing the advancement of this tool! :grin:

Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate you and your team choosing TestProject, and we are going to keep adding new things and improve everyday.
-TestProject team