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Test step fails when using the File Upload Addon [SOLVED]

Please suggest how to automate this upload

I need to click on Choose a file and from windows box need to choose the pdf to upload

I used – upload file by xpath, but seems to be throwing an exception

I get the following exception for this step

This looks similar to the question asked in Upload via non input Element. I would also be curious what the answer is because I tried the same thing as you.


The solution is (I received in message from ‘Tal’) - Is to go explorer and find the related xpath that has type of ‘FILE’, and use it with “Upload a file to an input element of type input”

From the screenshot i shared in the original post…you do not have to click on Choose a File and open the windows modal. The keyword will upload the file in background.

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Thanks for remembering to come back here to share the solution :slight_smile:

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