Test step fails in a job but works fine when made to run as individual test


In our application, there is scenario to select a value from a list. Selecting the value in the list by click is a challenge due to the design complexity. However, I am able to select using the ‘Execute Javascript’ feature and the entire test scenario works fine when executed but fails in job.

Error: javascript error: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘shadowRoot’)

Please help.

Hi @mail2dwarak,
Have you tried the ‘Click (using JavaScript)’ action?

@ran.ferdinaro. I did try but it dint work. Can you share some tip on how to use that feature?

Try to use the ‘Click at coordinates with Robot’ action.
Let me know if it works.

@ran.ferdinaro it works with the query itself and also with ‘Click at coordinates with Robot’ action which failed in the past. I just moved the script order and added some pause time and it worked.

Thanks for the suggestion thou.