Test run on simulator already finishes before executing steps

Good afternoon.

I am trying to run my automated test on my iOS simulator, but the run already finishes before the target app(Safari) wherein the test is to be executed is opened. I’m unsure if this is of any relevance, but I did notice in the simulator that the testproject app opened and closed twice before the run finished which I found strange since I usually see it open and close only once before the target app is opened during a test run/execution.

Upon checking the test cloud report for the test run/execution in the reports tab, “There are no steps results in this Test report” is displayed. Furthermore, “Failed to execute test ‘…’ on Appium_iOS on XXXXXX: null” is displayed in the error message.

I kindly ask for help on this.
Thank you very much.

Hi @aws.fcranola_1,

Please quit the TestProject Agent and then clean these folders:

coded-tests, data-sources, addons, apps, executions, logs, temp, workers-executions

also delete the following file:


You can find them here:


Open the Start menu, type %appdata%\TestProject\Agent\ and hit enter.


Open Files Finder and choose Go form the top menu, select Go to Folder and type:
~/Library/Application Support/TestProject/Agent

Navigate to ~/.testproject/agent/

Then start your agent again and let me know if that works.
If not, please send your logs to support@testproject.io

Hello @ran.ferdinaro

I have already managed to solve the issue after reinstalling Xcode.
Thank you for your suggestion though. I will take note of this should the problem resurfaces.