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Test Reports not getting created

Looks like the results/reports are not getting generated after test executions since Friday (10/16). I just now ran a test and still the result/report won’t show under “Trends and Reports” section.

Anyone else seeing the same issue?

Hello @sanath.kv.

Are you still experiencing this issue?
Which agent version are you using? And what are you executing on?

  • Does your account still have storage space remaining?

  • Do you see the executions happening locally? If you are running remotely, please try locally as well.

  • Do they appear under the recent executions when hovering other the reports tab? If they do, what happens when you click on the link?

Thanx for your response David!

Reports seems to be showing up this morning. However, to answer some of your questions -

  1. agent version - 0.64.40 ; Executing Recorded tests (combination of API and GUI)
  2. How can I check the remaining storage available? Or how much has been utilized currently?
  3. Executions are happening locally.
  4. It was not appearing under recent executions when hovering the reports tab.

Also, some of my executions from Friday does not show up even now. I was able to see the report for the execution I did to test this issue.