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Test Recovery shows different result in summary and full reports

Hi All,

I was testing the recovery test function and than I came across something weird.
In the Summary report is says that the second repeat has failed but in the full report it says that it has successful.

The test I was doing was.

  1. Login to the website.
  2. Login to the website again (IFor tis step I have the recovery step setup that when this fails run the logout test and repeat the test again.)
  3. Log out from the website.

Below you can find the screenshot’s of the different reports.

Am I doing something wrong maybe?

Hi @rbal , thank you for reporting about this.

I have checked similar scenario but wasn’t able reproduce the issue you mentioned.

Can you please contact us by the chat from your TestProject account?

Thank you for the response much appreciated :smiley:
Sure, I will contact you on the chat.