Test Recorder overlay - can I toggle it off/on?

I’m experimenting with Testproject to see if it’s viable to test my company’s web applications and the overlay that pops up when the pointer stops on a page element is getting in the way.

Is there a way to toggle it off - and then back on when I do want it? I’ve tried holding CTRL to hide it but that isn’t solving the problem.


@Tal.Efraim, is this the same problem dj80 is having? Holding CTRL does hide the overlay but in my case it reappears as soon as I move the pointer - guessing it’s appearing every time I move over a page element.

Hi @jdeighton ,

We have opened an improvement ticket on this issue,

You will be notified here once it’s resolved :slight_smile:

This is the ticket number: 1. TP-15656