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Test Recorder down for Maintenance

Does anyone know how long this is down for, i am new to TestProject and trying to evaluate the application but have been seeing this message for the last18 hours

Hello and thanks for reaching out.

The application is not down.
I see you’re accessing the application through our recorder?
Try adding the following steps before navigating to the URL:
“Clear Local Storage”
“Delete All Cookies”

Hi, I have done the above and tried using a incognito window too and still seeing the same thing, when i try to record a new test i get re directed to the maintenance page. I am going to unistall the application and re install just to make sure nothing went wrong at that point and then try agai

Thanks for your response

Hi @jeff.mellon, can you please reach out to us in our chat so we can help you out?

Regards, Ran.

As we discussed in the Chat, this was an issue with your proxy.
After disabling it all works well.
Feel free to reach out again for anything else :slight_smile:
Best Regards, Ran.