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Test recorded in Chrome won't click links when run in Firefox

I recorded a simple navigation test in Chrome 85 which clicks links on a landing page that open other pages on the site. It runs and passes every time in Chrome, but when it runs in Firefox it always fails. The test steps that click the first few links say Passed, but when observing the test run there are no page transitions and the step that fails does so because it’s trying to validate an object on a page that never opens. How do I get these tests to work in Firefox? I am using the latest release of the client 0.64.20 running on a Ubuntu 20.4 Linux workstation; Chrome v 85.0.4183.83 and Firefox v 80.0.1.

Hey @blueopal, thanks for reaching out.
May you please perform the clicking with “click (using JavaScript)” action and try it over again?

The .click steps passed in FireFox with “click (using JavaScript)” as the action, after first having to install the ‘JS Action’ add-in for TestProject. I also verified that the script still runs and passing using Chrome. However, does this mean that any time I intend to run cross-browser tests using FireFox I will have to edit all the .click steps manually? Your AI self-healing feature only works for alternate object location identifiers and not alternate action methods?

Hey @blueopal,
When performing cross-browser testing you will need to adjust your test to take into consideration the difference in page structure and layout of all browsers.
therefore if a regular click does not work on Firefox, you will need to adjust the test to work on it by changing to click with javascript, to make the test work on all the browsers you have specified.

Currently, the AI Self-healing feature is dedicated to alternate object location identifiers.