Test Project tool based on On-Premise

Hello Team,
I am learning about TestProject and I noticed it is based on Cloud and On-Premise. Due to security reasons, we do not want to store our project on the Cloud or Public network.
We would like to use an On-Premise-based Test Project but I am confused that what I need to download and how it works? I tried to look for a video but could not find it that can explain how to install/configure TestProejct based on On-Premise.

It would be nice if someone explain in detail about it.

Thank you!

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I would guess that you have to setup a docker environment on your on-prem setup. If you want to automate mobile apps, you need to have on-prem mobile devices with your test application installed on those devices, and just select the package needed to test on TestProject. For tests I don’t know if tests can be saved locally, I only know is by Git, but TestProject pretty much has the same copy on their cloud storage. So I’m not sure if TestProject can be full-on on-premise, I think it can be somewhat, but there will still be artifacts of file from their cloud systems.